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TMC is dedicated & passionate  when it comes to  helping you get rid of unwanted habits and behaviours, there is one condition though…You have to really want to get rid of the behaviour or habit and show me your commitment.

I imagine  if you have got a habit a  behaviour or a limiting belief that you would like to change, you have already tried to get rid of it. How many people do we come across in our lives who we hear say things like…I wish I could stop smoking or I really want to lose weight, or I wish I was more confident.

The truth is, we all have the resources we need to make the changes we desire. Sometimes we just need a helping hand to find them. I can enable you to access those resources and be the person you want to be; e.g. a non-smoker, more confident, phobia-free.

You want a better life don’t you, a healthier life, so make that commitment today to be the best you can be and have a bright, healthy, happy  future!

Dependant on the nature of your problem, TCM can resolve most issues in a couple of sessions. It does vary as everyone is individual,  we can discuss this further and have a better idea when you come to your initial FREE consultation.

TCM uses a blend of Hypnotherapy with Powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to obtain fast and lasting results, the results you want and deserve.

By combining these powerful cutting edge therapies it gives me flexibility and that is important for  you the client, because everyone is unique…Hypnosis might not be for everybody, this gives you and I choices and choice is always a good thing…right?  That in turn leads to great long lasting results and fast!!

I run clinics in and around Dorset or if you live further away I offer Skype sessions for your convenience.

All you need to do now is  contact me today for a free initial consultation to get the life you desire!




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