Here are just a few testimonials from happy clients ūüôā You can read more testimonials and reviews on my Facebook Page

I can’t rate Dominique highly enough. She has helped me through issues which I had been suffering with for over 10 years, in 4 sessions I had never felt better. I admit to going in as a bit of a last resort, having been medicated for quite some time which just wasn’t working, and also went in a bit skeptical, but really wished I done it sooner and not wasted all those years.
It’s been long lasting too, I can now cope with things I couldn’t before and I’m better every day. Thanks Dominique

G.O. – Dorset

Dominique, what a wonderful lady, I can not recommend highly enough, at least 20 years I’ve suffered from back pain, and within 40 minutes she has taken it completely away, thank you so much.

J W – Dorset

I finally made up my mind to change the way I was feeling about myself. Lack of confidence, self-esteem and as a result was comfort eating as consolation.
I contacted Dominique regarding help to lose weight and improve myself. The best decision I have made in a long time. I have learned to relax, accept, change and appreciate so much in my life AND also lose weight.
What a wonderful journey with Dominique, so relaxing and I will always be indebted to this lovely lady who has put me back on track and liking myself!

R.Parkes – Hazelbury Bryan

Dominique, you are a wonderful lady. During our sessions, you put me at ease while at the same time exuding confidence and commitment to me. Throughout I felt you were only interested in helping me achieve my desired outcomes. And that you did. You also challenged me to think about issues differently although uncomfortable at the time, it has worked. You are a great practitioner and I am looking forward to working with you again in the future.

A.Nunn Leicester      

I had tried ‚Äėtalking therapy‚Äô and it just didn‚Äôt help me to overcome my issues, I just got tired of going over them! A friend mentioned TMC Hypnotherapy, so I looked it up, a little skeptical. Well, I can tell you, you will be in safe hands with Dominique. She made me feel so comfortable as soon as we met and during the course of my sessions, I trusted her professionalism and genuine care. The processes we went through have changed me for the better ‚Äď I am more confident and in control of my life now, which enables me to enjoy each day with a very different perspective. I can happily recommend TMC Hypnotherapy.
JM. Dorset
I have had my struggles with depression and issues for the last few years. I have had constant visits to the NHS professionals and gotten nowhere.
A few weeks ago whilst in my usual downstate, I happened upon a page by TMC Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis & Coaching. I have been visiting once a week for the last month or so and I am astounded at the changes in myself.
I have had all the pain from past issues removed, my confidence is sky high.
I am learning how to love myself and how to look after myself.
I am in fact, at last, able to be myself, I am happy, confident and looking forward to a very bright future!
Thank you, Dominique, for your endless support in helping me to make these changes…..sometimes there are not adequate words to say how much I appreciate something and this is one of those occasions.
RV. North Dorset
I contacted The Mind Coach due to an extended period of anxiety, which was really affecting my life. I had been through some CBT but really didn’t feel I had been able to shift the anxious feelings and move forward in the way I wanted in life and I didn’t want antidepressants which was all my doctor seemed to be able to recommend.I saw Dominique 4 times and had a truly wonderful experience. Dominique got straight to the “roots” of my issues and helped me really see them and then showed me how to let go of them. It was a bit strange at times, it really worked for me though.As a side, I had a bit of a biscuit addiction and it was not helping my weight….she used a process on me which took about 10 minutes, I have not eaten a biscuit for 5 months! Thank you TMC, you showed me how to take control of my life!
TP.  Dorchester, Dorset.
I am thrilled and very happy with the way I feel and the changes that have happened during my course of sessions with Dominique.
Whilst thinking about how to sum it all up, this analogy came to me….
I arrived at Dominique’s door carrying a heavy load on my shoulders, I was exhausted, everything felt uncomfortable and I couldn’t see a way forward.
Through our sessions together she helped me realize that the weight I was carrying was, in fact, my own bicycle!…and that if I chose to I could
step 1: Put the bicycle down
step 2: Climb onto it
step 3: Turn the pedals!!!
Hooray!!! I no longer feel burdened…I am comfortable and can cycle happily into my future!
I am so grateful to Dominique for her clear, strong and yet gentle and attentive way, that has helped me to see just how wonderful my bicycle is!…Not a heavyweight but an amazing machine!
I feel positive and happy and the road ahead looks clear and bright!
Thank you so much, Dominique!
W A North Dorset 
I came to Dominique with the weight of the world on my shoulders, feeling angry and guilty for the things I had done in my past. I was pretty much at rock bottom with how I felt about myself and had no self-esteem.
3 weeks later, I feel like a completely different person, I have learned to let go of all my guilt/anger and throw it away as it’s meaningless. It’s hard to explain just how good I feel about myself now, I’m so much happier and have a positive outlook on life.
This has definitely been one of the best decisions/experiences of my life.
For anyone like me who at first was a non-believer, I can only say try it – it may change your life, it did mine!
Mark РNorth Dorset