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Learning to Drive or Taking Your Driving Test??

The current overall pass rate for the Driving test is just 42%
and the first time pass rate is even lower!

  • In 2013, 1.3 million people sat the driving test.
  • Of that 1.3 million, only 39% of them passed!
  • That’s an incredible 793,000 people who failed the driving test last year alone!
  • Plus 1 in 5 new drivers have an accident in their first year of driving

Don’t be one of those statistics!

Although your instructor will teach you the physical driving skills to enable you to pass your test, the standard method of learning to drive does little to increase your confidence in your own ability, reduce your nerves on the day, and therefore mentally prepare you for your test.

My name is Dominique AKA The Mind Coach. I am a Professional Self Development Coach & Master Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist.

In the 1990’s I was a Professional Driving Instructor. So it made perfect sense to develop this programme for Learner Drivers.

The programme consists of over 3.5 hours of Professional Coaching and Hypnosis audios (MP3’s) and a 40 page ebook that includes lesson plans for all of your driver training and other tips and resources that will help get you to your Goal of a 1st Time Pass FAST and potentially Save you a lot of Money!

Each coaching audio is like having a ” Virtual  Driving Lesson ” and you will learn and absorb everything so much faster because this is accelerated learning, aided by Hypnosis and cutting edge neuro sciences , which will potentially  allow you to  cut back on the number of lessons you need, SAVING MONEY & TIME!

There is also a Hypnosis audio that will prepare you for the day of your test and STOP the overwhelm of nerves which from experience I can tell you can make all the difference between a Pass or a Fail.

Don’t be a statistic…..Pass your test 1st time and be the Best Driver you can be…..Confident and Competent which means SAFE TOO!

Mind Training & Hypnosis Programme Consists of:

  • 17 Audio MP3’s offering Professional Coaching and Hypnosis to get you to your goal of First Time Pass
  • Banish Nerves on your Test Day with The Pass your Test Hypnosis Audio that will help keep you calm & confident
  • 40 Page Workbook with Lesson Plans following the curriculum set out by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
  • Workbook also contains tips and advice from myself as a former Professional Driving Instructor
  • And Learn the One Shocking truth that Driving schools are not obliged to tell you – it could save you Time and Money

This programme will save you time and potentially Hundreds of Pounds!

Start your Journey RIGHT NOW…...Pass your test and be the Best………….Ignite your learning….Your Key to being in the drivers seat!

Save Money – Less Lessons – Save Time – Pass 1st Time


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 * You will still need to have some professional lessons with a qualified driving instructor.This programme is to compliment those lessons and is not a substitute.
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