Intensive Breakthrough Package

TMC Personal Breakthrough Package is completely bespoke and tailored to you on a 1 to 1 basis.

Your time with me will be spent getting to the root of what you want to change in your life; a complete clear out of all that gets in your way or holds you back. We will then implement those changes and give you new tools, strategies and goals for your bright future.

This retreat is like a mental detox allowing you to shed unwanted thoughts and behaviours that have held you back and stopped you from reaching your full potential. These may include self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that you have acquired as you have had various experiences throughout your life.

Using a combination of  Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching skills we can clear out the negatives that hold you back and design and install new resourceful programmes allowing you to be the best version of you and to really get ahead in life because there will be nothing stopping you!

If you would like success in your life, with relationships, your career and money and to feel happy and content inside and out, then this intensive 1 to 1 breakthrough is for you.

Invest in yourself and in your future, you deserve it, don’t you? It’s time to be the best you can be, living life to the max with you at your full potential.

Find out more, call me today and start your journey.

NB. The intensive breakthrough package can be done in one full day or over two half days.